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Based in Brighton we've been upholstering for a few years now. By we, I mean Doris the rescue staffy cross and I. She's great company but not a lot of use with a tack hammer.

I'm AMUSF * trained (still learning, will never stop learning!) and alongside working on my private projects, I work in a fabulous workshop just outside Brighton with Annie at Straw and Order, where we are blessed with great clients and their fabulous projects. I focus on my love of Mid Century Modern and Annie is the queen of deep buttoning and is never far away from a beautiful french antique piece.

We continue the great art and craft of traditional upholstery using age old techniques and natural materials and plenty of exciting modern upholstery. Fabric research is one of the other joys making sure it meets the practical and aesthetic needs of the client.

I've also had the pleasure to work for award winning Visual Merchandisers and Prop Makers. Projects for Lucky Fox including the conception and production of Levis Repair kits for Levis Europe and in store upholstery for the London Haus. Also hand made drapery for a Selfridges Xmas window, window display elements for Lululemon at Harrods and their flagship Regent Street store and working on luxe seating at Victoria's Secret W1 emporium.

For Hello Flamingo I undertook the pressed caning of window displays for Tory Burch in London, Berlin and Paris flagship stores and soft furnishing projects in Barbour London.

My guilty pleasure is 70's design and decoration!

* Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers

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