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Hello! Thanks for visiting Sit Down Doris Upholstery and Caning, it's lovely to see you!

Please have a good look around at the upholstery work and caning projects SitDownDoris has carried out over the years's not just chairs I've been lucky to work on and you'll see some favourite MCM pieces.

Working as sustainably as possible, I choose products which are natural or made from recycled materials .

My fabric remnants go to the Art department of a local school and even rusty old springs get recycled.

I support the campaign to rid our homes of toxic foam and chemicals.

So let's chat about your modern and traditional upholstery needs, your chair rebuilds and recovers, and your rattan furniture caning. Give us a shout

Working with traditional and modern upholstery methods and materials, I support the campaign to rid our homes of toxic chemicals and no longer use foam fillings in my work. I choose alternatives made from natural fibres and recycled products which are chemical free with no harmful VOCs, better for indoor air quality.

For more information on why, please visit The Eco Chair or ask me for more information

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